We can produce any custom built exhaust system to suit your requirements for you car.

You tell us what sound you are looking for, where you want the exhaust to be made from ie Turbo back, Cat back, PPF back, the style of tips you are looking for and we make a system bespoke to your needs.

We can make pretty much anything from stainless steel to Titanium

Please drop us an email or via the contact form on our website and we will do our best to help out.

We can offer our custom exhaust systems via Klarna

See examples of our work on Instagram  @chis_tech



All custom exhaust systems are priced on the vehicle and it is always best to see the car for an exact quotation.

However as a rough guide we have complied this pricing.

These prices are a rough guide and will change with the length, number of bends, boxes, pie cuts and tips to suit each vehicle.

Small hatch back  (Saxo, Fiat 500 size hatchback)

2.5" stainless steel cat back system with one rear silencer, one single tip from £600

3" stainless steel cat back system with one rear silencer one single tip from £680


Medium hatch back (golf, leon, m140i size hatchback)

3" stainless steel cat back system with one resonator, one silencer, twin exit tail pipes from £900

3.5" stainless steel cat back system with one resonator, one silencer, twin exit tail pipes

from £1000


We also fabricate custom downpipes, prices for these start from £300 and are subject to the vehicle, some will require custom made flanges etc. this will add to the cost of the downpipe. but in most cases the down pipe will include a flexi joint (vehicle dependent).

The most basic downpipe we offer is for "OFF ROAD USE ONLY" and contains no catalytic convertor, we can custom make a downpipe with a sports cat CEL, this adds considerable cost to the downpipe, but is "ROAD LEGAL".

We also fabricate exhaust manifolds for N/A vehicles and turbo vehicles.

N/A manifolds are hard to set a price, due to the size and complex design of them.


Turbo manifolds, we can fabricate a tubular equal length manifold to suit your required setup, everything is custom made to suit, we strive to ensure quality and products that last under extreme performance situations. All flanges are made thicker than standard, we only use the best materials we can get, we ensure that the wall thickness of the primaries are suitable to withstand the heat without cracking.

If you do not require a tubular equal length manifold, we can fabricate a log style manifold, these are a very effective style manifold are are ideal for engine bays with tight space.

We can incorporate flanges for external wastegates, screamer pipes to atmosphere or back into a downpipe, likewise we custom make downpipes to mate to your exsisting exhaust, flexi joints are used where possible, there are a large range of turbo flanges and exhaust flanges to suit any eventuality. 

Given the multiple options, we can't give a basic starting price.

We have a range of material specs to use on exhausts and manifolds:






Our go to process for any exhaust work is TIG welding, anything from the exhaust manifold to the start of the exhaust system is purged to ensure they can withstand the extreme heat.