We can modify most standard exhaust system's to enhance the tone and noise of the car.

This is easily achievable on most modern exhaust systems, to give you the sound your car should of had from the factory.

In the case of valved systems, we can keep the valve control system and enable you to have the best of both worlds, a stock sound with the valve closed and an enhanced sound with the valve open.

This is done in such a way that you can't tell from under the car, we only use the best materials that are available to us to carry these modifications out.

likewise, we match the material of the exhaust system when welding, so you won't have an issue with any reactions or rust with dissimilar materials.

In most cases, the modifications can be reversed if need be.

We can carry out PPF modifications, Cat modifications, Front silencer modifications, Resonator modifications and Back box modifications.

Items are priced individually, however if more than one modification is carried out at the same time, then we offer a discount.

This is an extremly popular modification to BMW, VWs and Audi's, however we can also carry this out over many other makes and models.

Prices start from

£120 for a front silencer mod

£120 for a resonator mod

£240 for a back box mod


Discounts for more than one mod carried out at the same time.