The Haldex Quattro (4 wheel drive) System used on the Transverse Mounted VAG 4 Wheel Drive Systems consists of two components, A Haldex Clutch Coupling and the Rear Final Drive Differential. As well as this some of the performance 2wd Models now have a Haldex Front Differential which works in a similar way, certain Golf GTI models and Seat Leon Cupra models are an example of this.

As with most mechanical items, these benefit from a regular service to maintain the performance and prolong the life of the Haldex unit.

Why should I service this? 
Unlike differential oil, which lubricates; the Haldex oil is very specific and promotes friction between the faces of the multi-plate clutch setup. 
This friction between the plates causes particles of friction material to slowly build up within the oil. 
On most Haldex systems, a filter is installed which collects these unwanted particles, however in more modern models, the filter is omitted in favour of an oil strainer at the pump. 

When should I service this? 
On vehicles with a Haldex Filter (Gen1 & Gen2) it is good practice to replace the oil and the filter at 20,000 mile intervals.
On some vehicles where the Haldex system has a filter from factory, but the main dealers don't sell a replacement (Gen4) it is possible to purchase a filter from ourselves which can help increase the lifespan of the factory pump.
On vehicles which don't have a filter (Gen5), we recommend servicing at 10,000 mile intervals, as the strainer on the pump can become blocked, eventually leading to pump failure. We always recommend removing the pump and cleaning the strainer as well as the housing whenever changing the Haldex oil on these models.

What about the front Haldex Diffs?
Some Front wheel drive vehicles including the Golf GTI Mk7's with the Performance Pack and Leon Cupra Mk3 have a Haldex diff at the front of the vehicle.
This 'VAQ' Haldex system actuates in the very same way as all of the four wheel drive Haldex systems, only it vectors the torque between the two front wheels increasing traction during performance driving conditions. 
These should be given the same service attention as the Gen5 four wheel drive models.

Can I use any oil in my Haldex System? 
No! You should ideally only ever use the Genuine VAG Haldex oil specified for your specific vehicle. 
Haldex oil is a non-lubricative oil to promote friction of the clutch plates and using any other oil can result in a total loss of drive from the rear effectively converting your car into a front wheel drive. 

What about the rear differential itself? 
If you have a Haldex quattro (four wheel drive car), it is good practice to replace the 'final drive' rear differential oil, as your rear diff has a completely separate oil bath to the 'Haldex' part of the four wheel drive system. 
VW/Audi have always quoted this as being a 'lifetime' fluid, however as a specialist looking after older cars - we recommend this is changed at intervals of around 75,000 miles. The term 'lifetime' fluid is generally used to ensure it will last the period of standard vehicle warranty.


As with all of our servicing, we only use genuine parts and oils for the specification of your vehicle, this ensures that the warranty is still valid on your vehicle and prolongs the life of parts fitted to your vehicle, increasing the chances of hassle free motoring.


There are various models and varients of Haldex across the VAG platform.

Haldex coupling  - This is a wet multi-plate clutch system operated by a fluid pump (Haldex Controller) which requires servicing every 20,000 miles in the way of fresh Haldex Oil and a new Haldex Filter.

Final Drive Differential – This is the mechanical system which provides the drive to the two rear wheels. This uses a lubricating gear oil which according to the owner’s manual is a lifetime fluid. Many of our customers however choose to replace this oil between 50,000 and 75,000 miles as a matter of preventative maintenance.

Generation 1 - Haldex Generation 1 is seen on the Audi TT Mk1, S3 8L, Bora 4motion, and Golf Mk4 4motion as well as a few other models.

Generation 2 - Haldex Generation 2 is seen on the Golf Mk5 R32, Early TT Mk2, Pre-Facelift A3/S3 8P Quattro and a few other models

Generation 4 - Haldex Generation 4 is seen on the Mk6 Golf, Facelift A3/S3 8P Quattro, Late TT Mk2, Volkswagen Tiguan and a few other models

Generation 5
- Haldex Generation 5 is seen on the Mk7 Golf, A3/S3 8v and a few other models

Haldex 'VAQ' Front Differential - Haldex Front Differential is seen on the Mk7 GTI PP and Clubsport as well as the Leon Mk3 Cupra

Differential. As well as this some of the performance 2wd Models now have a Haldex Front Differential which works in a similar way.


Haldex Gen 1

Oil and filter change


Haldex Gen 2

Oil and filter change


Haldex Gen 4

Oil change only


Haldex Gen 4

Oil and filter change


Haldex Gen 5

Oil change and strainer clean


VAQ Front Differential Haldex

Oil change and strainer clean


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