Ultra Racing Strut Braces – Ultra Racing

Ultra Racing Chassis braces are specialists in improving chassis handling and safety with a vast range of products, from strut bars and braces, anti-roll bars and lower brace bars.

Used across many motor sport disciplines and classes all over the world, including Drifting, Time attack, Circuit racing, Rallying along with Track days and Fast road use.

Ultra Racing offer the very best in chassis tuning and safety, they have a strict emphasis on safety and research and development, this is implemented in house and also during real world testing on track. Due to this Ultra Racing have many awards for their work, including the Industry Excellence Award and the Prestigious Brand Award.

Ultra Racing products are distributed to over 14 countries worldwide and are recognized by main dealers, race drivers and the general public as a market leader in chassis tuning.

In our eye's Ultra Racing products are a must if you are looking to improve the handling and safety of your car whether it's for road or track use, we use a range of their product's on our own Race and Track day cars.