Davies Craig Electric Water Pumps and Controller Combo Kits

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The Davies Craig Electric Water Pump improves engine cooling control and capacity while giving you more power and improved fuel economy. The EWP is universal and fits almost all makes of vehicles on the road today. The pump kit includes everything you need to fit it to your vehicle.

Available as either an alloy 130 L/Min designed for 3.5-5L engines or a lightweight glass filled nylon & carbon 80 L/Min designed for engines up to and including 2L, the EWP can be purchased either as an individual pump kit or with the LCD EWP/Fan Controller kit.



Electric Water Pump:

  • Universal fit.
  • More power and fuel efficiency.
  • More cooling and extended engine life.
  • World-leading technology
  • Lightweight alloy (130LPM) or glass filled nylon and carbon (80LPM)

LCD EWP/Fan Controller:

  • The prominent blue Liquid Crystal Display screen.
  • Now suitable for all 12v & 24v electrical systems, with relevant displays.
  • Genuine Thermometer, with coolant and targeted/set temp. displays.
  • Diagnostic check & warm-up signals.
  • Nine (9) targeted/set coolant temperatures, 60C (140F) to 100C (212F).
  • Flashing “EWP®” logo signifying water pump in operation.
  • Davies Craig Thermatic® Fan logo, circulating signifying fan in operation.
  • Flashing High & Low Voltage indicators.
  • Low & High Temp indicators.
  •  Audible alarms for functions including temperature targets, parameters and automatic time-outs for target/set temperatures.