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Lamborghini Diablo Manifolds (1991-02)

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It is widely known that the Diablo factory manifolds/headers become so hot inside the cladding that the primary pipes eventually buckle, melt and leak exhaust gases. 

QuickSilver is familiar with this problem and has the perfect remedy which is both time and cost effective.
QuickSilver manufactures new manifolds with stronger and more durable 1.5mm (originally 1.2mm) thickness primary pipes made from a higher grade stainless steel alloy (Type 304 grade instead of 409). We also include 304 grade stainless steel flanges.
QuickSilver cannot improve the efficiency of Lamborghini’s design – just the materials and the manufacture.
We have been manufacturing Diablo manifolds/headers for cars used everyday and for racing since 2004.



Our Volcanic Black Ceramic Coat offers temperature reductions of over 110 degrees C at the manifold, resulting in a reduction of over 27.5 degrees C in under bonnet temperature and power increases of up to 5.5%.  The coating originally developed for the defence and Nuclear industries offers proven performance gains and is extremely durable and stone chip resistant.

Now used extensively in top level Motor Sport our Ceramic Coat option offers greater performance / reduced surface and ambient temperatures  / highly effective corrosion barrier and a tough hard wearing shell coating whilst adding a truly unique look and finish to your system.



- Hand made from OEM pattern.

T304 Stainless Steel / 25 year corrosion guarantee.

- Keeps the look, feel and sound of the original.

- Made to order.

- Ceramic coating available - POA