E-WG60 electronic Wastegate 80 Psi / 5,5 Bar black | Turbosmart

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E-WG60 80 Psi / 5,5 Bar black

Turbosmart new 60mm electronic external Wastegate

included inlet and outlet stainless weld flanges

In 2016, Turbosmart rolled out the Gen-V External wastegate range and one of the key benefits of this design is the modular architecture allowing a rotatable diaphragm housing, optional water cooling and the ability to swap actuators housings between gate sizes, ensuring Turbosmart had a gate, for every customer need, no matter the size, or control requirements.

Turbosmart’s e-WG45 and e-WG60 give you all the flow & interchangeability of Turbosmart’s Gen-V range of External wastegates, with the kind of control never seen before, independent of any reference signal, without the need for compressed gas or boost hoses and is fully adjustable from your tuning interface, no need for changing springs: Boost control is completely adjustable from your laptop.

Mechanically actuated wastegates are truly tried & tested over the years. The Gen-V range particularly has proven itself in the harshest of environments & continues to set world records and claim fans with their reliability and performance. As boost control strategies become more and more complex however, Turbosmart went back to the drawing board for a solution that maintains all the performance & reliability of the Gen-V range and adds truly infinite control.

Supplied with:
Inlet and outlet stainless weld flanges, inlet and outlet V-Band clamps and valve seat.

Color: black
Spring: Not necessary, WG is electronically controlled

Will an e-WG fit my existing manifold?
Yes. The Turbosmart e-WG range works with the modular housings of the Gen-V products, so wherever your Turbosmart Gen-V products are fitted, the e-WG will bolt on as they use the same mounting & flange orientation. The Actuator housings of the new e-WG range are different though, so you’ll need to make sure there is room for the new design in your engine bay.

How fast is the e-WG range?
21mm per second - Full travel can be achieved in 600ms. Fast.

What spring options does the e-WG range have?
Just the one option: None. The Turbosmart e-WG is fully adjustable without the need for springs. It can actuate boost against extreme levels of backpressure and does so without any springs. Nothing to change, ever. It also features a special ‘zero-backdrive’ to further bolster its ability against high drive pressures.

How many wires does the e-WG have?
The Turbosmart e-WG has 5 wires, 2 for motor control and 3 for the onboard position sensor.

Can I use an e-WG instead of my Compressed Gas (co2) setup?
Yes you can - In fact, it"s one of the situations that the e-WG would be ideal for. You will not need the external compressed gas tank, the lines or the solenoid - You just need the e-WG.

What do I need to control it?
You will need a programmable ECU (Engine Control Unit). You will need a ‘high current’ (20amp) output and a spare analogue input to make it work. Most quality ECU’s have the capability to drive the gate for accurate boost control. Best speak to your specialist, or calibrator about your needs if you have any questions on what is needed.