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This modification enhances the sound of your standard exhaust, in most cases this can not be detected from underneath the vehicle. In most cases with regards to the BMW back box modifications, this allows you to retain the valve function of the back box, while giving you the sound your car should of had from the factory. m135, m235, m140, m240, m2, m3, m4, m340i. 440i, 540i, m5, m6 and many other models across the BMW range. Much cheaper than a new performance system or a custom built system. We can also offer a resonator delete and smaller silencer delete. In the case of the silencer modifications, we cut open the silencer and modify the internals to suit your needs, in most cases there are a series of perforated tubes, we modify these. Then standard systems on modern cars have a high stainless content, we finish off the modification with a stainless steel weld that you can not see from under the car, this allows for the system to pass an MOT, as by law the car needs to have at least one silencer in the system. We can also offer a de-cat service, again using the above methods, making it hard to tell just looking under the car. Please Contact us with your requirements and for additional pricing.

The back box modification can supplied on an exchange basis, this will incur a surcharge of £130, this will be refunded upon receipt of a like for like back box.

Prices start from £240 for the back box mod

Prices for resonator deletes start from £120

Prices for PPF deletes start from £120

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