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Funk Motorsport Clamp On Exhaust Heat Shield will protect specific areas from heat transfer, whilst allowing for easy fitment WITHOUT removal of the exhaust system!


Exhaust Heat Wrapping is great, Turbo blankets work fantastically to improve heat protection, but what would happen if we could combine the two? Developed through our years of experience and understanding that other exhaust heat wrap applications are more difficult to fit, or do not create the best fit, we have created the ultimate Exhaust Insulation Jacket. The exhaust blanket wrap around! Gone are the days of knowing how to heat wrap. We have created a solution that allows for specific point insulation, without the need for exhaust removal. Unique to the market and created using the same high quality and hugely impressive materials as our Mk3 Turbo Jackets. We bring you the Funk Motorsport Exhaust Blanket, complete with fastening springs to create a tight fit that is perfect for your custom application.

These exhaust blankets will accommodate a tight fit whilst giving the option of easy fitment. Each Heat Wrap blanket will provide a heat sleeve that can protect your engine under heats in excess of 1000 degree C! That is a figure which can help increase performance dramatically whilst protecting vital engine bay components.

We thought, “Why end the HUGE heat reductions at the Turbo blanket? We can produce something that you can get all of the benefits of a turbo blanket, for your hot exhaust. Let’s continue the same performance all the way down your exhaust pipe”. And that’s exactly what we have done and achieved. These exhaust blankets are suitable for exhausts, downpipes and headers of all sizes and applications. Forced Induction, NA, Motorbike, Tubular, Manifolds, you name it, our insulation jacket can work for you. The anchors provide a versatile unit that can be secured in a huge number of orientations – with ease!

Finished in the same style as our Mk2 Turbo blankets, these blankets will continue to provide reliability under the most extreme abuse. Double Stainless Steel stitching combined with the internal mesh lining adds that additional confidence which you need on all applications.

This unique to the market Exhaust Heat Wrap Blanket adds versatility to your engine bay to protect specific areas or components that are susceptible to excessive heat transfer. These could include; a brake system’s master cylinder, electronic logging or sensor components, bulkhead protection, a biker’s leg, etc.

The Exhaust Blankets Wrap Around is all of the benefits of a ceramic exhaust wrap but more effective! This exhaust insulation jacket is perfect for a huge number of applications whereby; the project is complete and exhaust removal is not an option, as well as large performance gains, heat management is only vital in a specific area or a number of reasons prevent the exhaust being fully heat wrapped/covered. Some people use these purely from a mechanic safety point of view, and so protecting the technicians when inspecting components which are situated close to an exhaust system.

Used by Drifters, Rally X drivers, single seater teams and more.

Each heatproof Heat Shield Exhaust blanket comes with 1 spring per every two anchors you see. This ensures that every anchor can be affixed should you wish.

Available in:

  • 3″ (Dia.) x 6″ Length (76mm Dia. x 150mm length)
  • 3″ (Dia.) x 12″ Length (76mm Dia. x 300mm length)
  • 3″ (Dia.) x 18″ Length (76mm Dia. x 450mm length)
  • 4″ (Dia.) x 6″ Length (101mm Dia. x 150mm length)
  • 4″ (Dia.) x 12″ Length (101mm Dia. x 300mm length)
  • 4″ (Dia.) x 18″ Length (101mm Dia. x 450mm length)

Please note: The diameters displayed above are only guidelines. Since these blankets are secured with a series of springs, there is naturally a tight fit that can accommodate a larger pipe.

See how an exhaust wrap around blanket could be used:


Note of caution:
This turbo blanket is not flammable. However if any flammable fluids are introduced into close proximity of the blanket, the blanket could become a suitable ignition source for a flame to be produced. Please ensure that all necessary precautions are taken in regards to the appropriate maintenance of all oil and fuel lines and fittings surrounding the turbo charging and fuel injection system. Funk Motorsport take no responsibility for fluid contamination our products.

Whilst this heat shield is removable after fitment, it is not designed to be removed once a number of heat cycles has been introduced into the product. After the blankets have been heated they will lose some of their internal construction properties, though we must stress that this does not reduce any thermal properties of the product.

Interior Surface:
Max Temperature Rating: 1260 Deg C
Continuous Use Limit: 1000 Deg C

Exterior Surface (Titanium)
Direct Contact Limit: 982 Deg C
Radiant Heat Limit: 1371 Deg C

Exterior Surface (Carbon Fibre)
Direct Contact Limit: 1032 Deg C
Radiant Heat Limit: 1421 Deg C