Holset Turbo Super HX40, 16cm²

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Diesel Applications 400hv. Engined, 1.8-3.0 liters. Super HX40 turbocharger, this turbo is a popular upgrade for the Supra 2JZ-GTE, Nissan RB-Series and BMW 6 turbo-charged engines turbo.

Holset HX40 super

  • Compressor 60/86mm.
  • Turbine 75/65mm.
  • Turbine options 14cm²-16cm²-18cm² (twin entry).
  • All turbines have a T3 twin entry flange.
  • 14cm²-16cm² turbines use a 6-bolt outlet flange.
  • 18cm² turbine uses a 4-bolt outlet flange.
  • 1.8 - 3.0 liter engines.
  • Nearly 700hp in petrol engines and nearly 400hp in diesel.