Nortech Performance / Peron Automotive VAG EA113 2.0 TSI/TFSI - NORTECH BIG TURBO SYSTEM GTX3076R GEN II (.83 AR)

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Developed by in-house technical partners Nortech Performance, this Big Turbo System has been rigorously tested over many months and thousands of miles on a multitude of vehicles and applications. This set-up represents the ultimate advanced turbo solution for the EA113 2.0L engine.

With 400 to 700whp (depending on turbo selection), it delivers savage, yet linear acceleration. But it isn’t just about peak power. The progressive nature of the set-up, together with OEM levels of drivability and refinement is what makes this a genuinely usable package.

PLEASE NOTE: This kit does not include ecu tuning.

Suitable Applications
- Volkswagen Golf R (Mk6)
- Volkswagen Scirocco R (Mk3)
- Audi S3 (8P)
- SEAT Leon Cupra R (1P)

Having identified the integrated turbine housing and manifold as the main restrictions with the otherwise very durable EA113 engine, we set about developing a solution. For those looking to make 400+ bhp, reliably, there really is no substitute for a high-quality tubular manifold with external wastegate.

Although hybrid units are available for the 2.0 TSI, we firmly believe that a big turbo is the better performance option. It was essential that the package delivered more power, but without the high boost levels and associated stress of a hard-worked hybrid. As with any PERON or Nortech product, the watchwords are Performance, Drivability and Durability.

Around town the car is refined and civilised, but get it on the open road and it delivers a thrilling driving experience that can worry far more exotic machinery.