Owen Developments GBT-69 NT 7.1 turbine housing - T3 0.82 A/R

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GBT-69 NT 7.1 Turbine Housing / T3 Inlet / V-Band Outlet / 0.82ar

High Temperature Resistant D5S/Ni-Resist Turbine Housings

Original OWEN Developments Product

Turbine housing with T3 flange inlet and V-Band outlet flange. Fits for the GBT-69 serie turbochargers.

turbine wheel: 69mm
Inlet flange: T3
Outlet flange: V-Band
A/R-value: 0.82

GBT turbochargers allow a very easy exchange of the turbine housing, for exampling enabling a quick change in mounting position or the choice of a smaller or larger A/R ratio to increase response or peak performance.
The turbine housing material consists of Ni-resist Type D5S, a highly castable austenitic ductile iron containing 36%Ni, 5.3%Si, 2%Cr, provides the required combination of properties and is finding increased application in turbocharger housings.

About OWEN Developments

Established in 1980, Owen Developments is one of Europe’s premier high performance forced induction specialist, with a proven track record of supplying turbochargers to a global customer base covering the motorsport, performance aftermarket and OEM sectors.

Operating from a modern CNC machine equipped 16,000 sq ft site in Oxfordshire, Owen Developments designs, modifies, produces and builds turbochargers to an unrivalled level of quality, performance and innovation. Owen Developments is proud of its reputation as a leader in this field and this is recognised by motorsport’s governing bodies, through status as the control supplier of motorsport turbochargers to the prestigious British Touring Car Championship, MINI Challenge and Indy Lights.

Offering a large range of turbochargers from Garrett, MHI, TIAL Sport, Forced Performance and Xona Rotor as well as engine management systems from Motec and Life Racing, Owen Developments boasts experienced staff, sector leading machinery and state of the art dynamic turbo balancing and quality control equipment. This combination of factors means that Owen Developments is uniquely capable of specifying and producing turbos to suit a wide set of requirements, from a fast road upgrade to a high specification drag race unit and everything in-between. In parallel with its automotive forced induction activities Owen Developments leverages its turbocharger expertise as a pioneer in the field of turbine use for waste energy recycling and low-emission electrical generation.

Turbocharger remanufacturing has been a mainstay of Owen Development’s activity for nearly three decades. Owen Developments precision refurbishment facility allows the economic retention of key structural turbocharger components, offering a second life for units that are assembled to OEM standards. In this capacity Owen Developments is the official remanufacturer for Hyundai UK, as well as being an approved remanufacturer for Mitsubishi, Subaru, Isuzu, Daihatsu and Toyota.

In addition to its core turbo activities, Owen Developments runs a thriving Motorsport Division. With a high-tech four-wheel drive chassis dyno, full engine build facilities and the firm’s extensive experience with cutting edge motorsport engine management systems, Owen Development’s Motorsport Division offers a full portfolio of circuit race, drag race and rally car preparation services, plus full trackside support - on a worldwide basis.