Porsche 911 992 - Active Valve Titan Sport Exhaust (2019 on)

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This is a lighter weight system than the original and made from 304 Stainless Steel and Titanium. The QuickSilver is designed to have more efficient flow and shows a noticeable improvement in throttle response whilst enhancing the classic Porsche sports car sound.

The silencer casing is Titanium with Stainless Steel end plates, internals and pipework. The Titanium and Stainless construction massively reduces weight and allows expansion (necessary in a horizontally opposed engine). 

The QuickSilver system softens the resonance delivering more depth and tone that rises in note and volume with rpm. Altogether a sound that is much more reminiscent of the older air-cooled models

*As pictured our system also fits cars with the sport option rear valance.


The Active Valves are designed to perfectly replace the existing valve setup designed by Porsche thus retaining all original functionality within the vehicle via the select button on the steering wheel. The Valves on these 992s actually open and shut independently in conjunction with the cars ECU and are variable offering a differing percentage of flow via our large or smaller bore pipes. These different diameter outlets are designed to give a more linear blending of tone across the rev range for a more aggressive driving experience. 


• Valve control for the perfect sound in any environment.

• Stainless Steel mandrel bent tubing.

• Improved throttle response.


Factory Exhaust 10.2 kilos - 22.4 lbs

QuickSilver Exhaust 5 kilos - 11 lbs



Super Sport mode is actually quieter standing still and at lower cruising speeds than Sport Mode. 

When the vehicle is in Sport mode and at lower speeds the exhaust delivers a wonderful range of pops and gurgles on the down change and over run. This is mainly due to the cars ECU deliberately exaggerating the drivers driving actions and the valves changing position to suit. In Super Sport mode however maximum performance supersedes this by switching to a much leaner ECU program that favours increased flow so the valves stay open more and throttle response is thus increased. 

Our system therefore remains track compliant when used in Super Sport mode. 

 Revs / Mode Normal Sport Super Sport
Idle 77db 80 82
2000 85 88 86
3500 95 95 94
Rev Blip 97 102 97