Rolls Royce Wraith - 'QuickSilver SPECIAL PROJECTS' Sport Exhaust System (2014 on)

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“Could you straight pipe a Rolls?” - When Jon Olsson asked us the question, we knew this build was going to be crazy.

The result is one of the most unique sounding exhaust systems on the planet. Mix that big turbo V12 with a TIE Fighter and a hint of Rotary and the soundtrack is something like this Wraith’s straight pipes!

This car has already done over 2000KM in its first 24 hours and, should Jon ever tire of the screaming system on long journeys, he can silence it at the touch of a wireless button with QuickSilver’s active valved rear sections.

Decat Downpipes 
X-Pipe Centre Straight Through Centre Section 
Active Valved Rear Sections