Treadstone Universal Intercooler TR1035 666BHP

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Intercooler - TR1035 - 666PS

High Efficiency Bar-and-Plate intercoolers

With cast aluminium boxes, robust and high cooling capacity

The TR10 intercoolers from Treadstone has been further improved. It is now available with split end tank box construction, revised mounting styles and 89mm depth. The divided boxes also help to optimally ventilate the upper part of the charge air cooler. The air flow is divided into top and bottom at the connection and thus flows evenly through the charge air cooler With normal boxes, turbulence can occur which is rather unfavourable to the flow and poorly ventilates the upper part in the charge air cooler.
Treadstone charge air cooler feature superior quality and a highly efficient bar-and-plate design. Quality cast plenum boxes provide uniform airflow and low pressure drop. All Treadstone intercoolers are tested to 10 bar before delivery.
Network size: 267mm x 559mm x 89mm (TR1035)
Overall length: 790mm
76mm Inlet / Outlet
1000 CFM Flow rate
666 HP Powerful (TR1035)
Less than 0.14 bar Pressure drop at maximum flow