Treadstone Universal Intercooler TR62- 450HP

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Intercooler - TR62 - 450PS

High Efficiency Bar-and-Plate intercoolers

With cast aluminium boxes, robust and high cooling capacity

This intercoolers is the perfect size for turbocharged applications with 4 cyl. and below 500hp. This charge air cooler is the same as the TR6 but with left end tank outlets at the top of the charge air cooler Treadstone charge air cooler feature superior quality and a highly efficient bar-and-plate design. Quality cast plenum boxes provide uniform airflow and low pressure drop. All Treadstone intercoolers are tested to 10 bar before delivery. The charge air cooler basically have no logo, the "Treadstone". Logo is available in blue, black or red on request.

Network size: 152mm x 559mm x 89mm
Overall length: 698,5mm
63.5mm Inlet / Outlet
450 hp Powerful at 152mm
Less than 0,10 bar Pressure loss