Treadstone Universal Intercooler TRV 259-S 1300BHP

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Intercooler - TRV259 - 1300PS

High Efficiency Bar-and-Plate intercoolers

With cast aluminium boxes, robust and high cooling capacity

The large TRV259 charge air cooler is designed for those who want more efficiency and a charge air cooler with longer tubes to cool down the charged air - even more than the TRE - TRV25 series. This intercoolers from Treadstone has a 229mm "Tube". Length - more than its predecessor - and is perfect for applications with high boost pressure and above 1300hp.
Treadstone charge air cooler feature superior quality and a highly efficient bar-and-plate design. Quality cast plenum boxes provide uniform airflow and low pressure drop. All TRE intercoolers are tested to 10 bar before delivery. These intercoolers are perfect for any car with high horsepower: e.g. Supras, Mustangs, Nissans, Grand Nationals.etc. This charge air cooler is 89mm wide, and easily supports 1950 CFM and 1300hp at maximum efficiency with 0.14 bar pressure drop.
Overall size: 673mm x 381mm x 89mm

Network size: 635mm x 229mm x 89mm

Inlet / Outlet: 76mm diameter