Treadstone Universal Intercooler TRV259-O 1300BHP

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TRV259 Series Intercooler1300HP | TRE

¬The massive TRV259 Intercooler This Intercoolerwas manufactured for those who want a more efficient and longer tube length Intercooler to cool high boosted air down even more than our TRV25 series Intercooler. Features a longer 9" tube length than its predecessor, and is perfect for high boost applications upwards of 1300 HP.

Treadstone Intercooler features superb quality highly efficient bar and plate construction. Our quality cast end tanks ensure evenly distributed airflow and low-pressure drop. Our Intercoolers are now pressure checked to 150psi and come with a 1-year warranty against manufacture defect. This Intercoolerwould be perfect for any car making some serious horsepower: Supra s, Mustangs, Nissan's, Grand Nationals...etc. This Intercooleris 3.50" thick, and will easily support 1950 CFM's, 1300HP at max efficiency 2.0 psi pressure drop. Intercoolerwill come with no logo, "Treadstone" logo can be requested in Blue, Black, or Red.

Overall Size: 673mm x 381mm x 89mm

Core Size: 635mm x 229mm x 89mm

Inlet/Outlet: 76mm diameter

Connectors : facing opposite side