OBP V2 Hydraulic Handbrake (Lockable) 320-380mm

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V2 Hydraulic Handbrake (Lockable) 320-380mm


The V2 Handbrake. The Original Hydraulic Handbrake.


Designed for the professional and semi-professional teams and drivers, which can be universally mounted for any Motorsport application. The mix of Mild Steel Cradle and Aircraft Grade T6061 Aluminium, allows for excellent rigidity, enhanced feel and bullet proof construction.


Can be used as a horizonal or vertical handbrake by simply removing the bolt and bolting the handbrake down in the desired position.


  • Aircraft Grade T6061 Aluminium Handle
  • Mild steel cradle construction coated in a black textured finish
  • Ergonomic Fit
  • Horizontal or Vertical All-in-One Design
  • Adjustable Grip
  • Lockable Pin & Tab
  • UK Manufactured by our skilled engineers
  • 2 year warranty


Product Information:


Fitment: Vertical Pull Back or Horizontal Pull Up

Locking: Yes

Length: 320-380mm Adjustable Grip

Weight: 1.1kg

Height: 43cm

Width: 5cm

Depth: 20.5cm