OBP Victory Vertical Hydraulic Handbrake (Lockable) 600mm

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Victory Vertical Hydraulic Handbrake (Lockable) 600mm


The Victory Handbrake. The Clubman Handbrake.


The Victory Range of products have been designed for the Clubman race teams and drivers. These products have been produced since obp Motorsport begun and have been improved to work with the current demanding environments in Motorsport.


  • Mild steel cradle & handle coated in a black textured finish
  • Ergonomic Fit
  • Soft Rubber Grip
  • Lockable Pin & Tab
  • UK Manufactured by our skilled engineers
  • 2 year warranty


Product Information:


Fitment: Vertical Pull Back

Locking: Yes

Length: 600mm

Weight: 1.4kg

Height: 63cm

Width: 5cm

Depth: 20.5cm